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Statement of Indigenous Ownership and Principles

Fusion Maintenance Group Ltd is an Indigenous owned and operated company.


We are committed to building an effective Indigenous work force through developing accessible employment practices with a high precedence to people of indigenous background, First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Status. Fusion Maintenance Group will not only strive to attract Indigenous employees, we will also ensure priority when ever possible to utilize Indigenous consultants, sub-contractors and business. In 2020, 75% of our crews were indigenous tradespeople.


Our commitment to Indigenous culture, values and beliefs all starts by continually educating our non-indigenous employees and management regarding indigenous issues, interests, and goals. This will ensure that when we are all working together, everyone has a better understanding, awareness, and respect for each other. It is of utmost importance that we all, Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of this organization demonstrate respect, and understanding of Indigenous Peoples’ culture, values, and beliefs.


Fusion promotes and encourages trade training, post secondary academics, and specialized industry courses. Upgrade training programs along with close mentoring provide our Indigenous employees a greater range of skills, the ability to excel in the industry as a professional, and the abilities to find work long after projects end. We reward exceptional individuals who are dedicated in pursuing a higher-level education and the desire to elevate their knowledge base with sponsorship, financial support, and by facilitating and stabilizing permanent positions in an industry of choice.  


As an Indigenous contractor, Fusion Maintenance Group is committed to supporting the Indigenous communities and territories in which we operate. We are committed to engage with First Nations communities to utilize local members in a professional, trades, or labour capacity.       













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